mount teide volcano

Mount TEIDE Volcano  -   (UNESCO World Heritage)


This is the most exciting tour on the Tenerife itinerary.


A unique excursion to the spectacular ‘Mount TEIDE Volcano’.


The visit to  ‘LAS CAÑADAS NATIONAL PARK’,  a lunar landscape of great beauty, will surely arouse the guest’s surprise and amazement. This outer crater with a perimeter of 45 km, from the centre of which the Teide volcano emerges, is made up of diverse geological materials, which give it a rich, deep colouring in various tones.


The ‘MIRADOR DE LA RULETA’ is an essential stop in the centre of the large Cañadas crater. On one side stand the admirable ‘ROQUES DE GARCIA’, the skeleton of a wall which separated two semicraters and on the other side the ‘UCANCA VALLEY’, the widest crater in the park.




Mount TEIDE  with its 3,718 mt. is the highest peak in Spain. This magnificent volcano has always left a profound and lasting impression on all those who have visited the island. From ancient times, the navigators that sailed the sea around the islands were surprised by the enormous size of this volcano whose silhouette can be discerned many miles away from Tenerife.


Sun, Sand and Lava … the contrasts of Tenerife Island.

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